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The Department of Geosciences offers courses in Geology and Geography. 

The Geology courses offered cover basic topics such as structural geology, palaeontology, mineralogy, sedimentary geology, igneous petrology, stratigraphy, plate tectonics and metamorphism, and the nature and origin of economically important mineral deposits.
Geographical research in the department focus on Land Degradation, particularly soil erosion, vegetation change and invasions, and implications for climatic change; urban agriculture and sustainable development issues in urban environments. GIS and remote sensing are commonly used as tools in many of the research projects undertaken.
Current Geological research in the department focus on; the structural geology of the Cape Fold Belt in the Eastern Cape, and the sedimentary geology of the Cape Super Group, Karoo Sequence, and Uitenhage Group.
Geographical research in the department focus on political, urban and physical geography (including GIS and remote sensing).
The Department particpates in the activities of the CMR; with regard to coastal processes, marine, estuarine and coastal dune deposits, groundwater, marine and estuarine pollution, and environmental impact assessments.
The department is also a partner in the Center for African Conservation Ecology (ACE) Staff and students are participants in resource, transformation and restoration ecological research.
The department is also a partner with AEON, primarily through our post grad students. 
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Secretary Administrator
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