Geology First Year

GGLV101  Introduction to the Earth

GGLV111  Mineralogy and Petrology

GGLV102  Physical Geology

GGLV112S  tructural and Economic Geology

Geology Second Year 

GGLV201  Palaeontology

GGLV211  Structural Geology

GGLV202  Mineralogy

GGLV212  Sedimentary Petrology

Geology Third Year 

GGLV301  Igneous Petrology

GGLV311  Stratigraphy

GGLV30  Geo-tectonics and Metamorphic Petrology

GGLV312  Economic Geology

BSc Honours in Geology 

GGL431  Structural Geology

GGL421  Igneous Petrology

GGL411  Sedimentary Geology

GGL412  Applied Geology

GGL410  Fieldwork 

GGL420  Treatise

MSc - By research only
PhD - By research only